For this “Countdown to the Intersection Conference” mini-series, we’re interviewing our speakers to build anticipation for all the goodness coming your way Sept 16-17. To get us started, our host Erik Willits asks Bishop Todd Hunter about his own missional journey, the missional riches the Great Tradition offers, and what he’s found to be effective practices of becoming a missional leader.

The first half of the podcast includes:

  • Who comes to mind when Bishop Todd hears the term “missional leader”
  • The correlation between trust and the church’s rapid growth
  • Bishop Todd’s journey into the missional conversation
  • The missional riches Anglicanism has to offer
“There first has to come not just a heart for others, but a confidence for going and sitting at the intersection of gospel and culture.”

On the second half of the podcast, the discussion turns to:

  • What we need for missional confidence and imagination
  • The role of childlike joy in mission
  • As leaders, how we cultivate an awareness of what God is doing
  • How to cultivate missional leadership in others
“Calling people to their sending is a major aspect of missional leadership.”

Resources Mentioned

The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church by Roland Allen

Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours? A Study of the Church in the Four Provinces by Roland Allen

Losing the Baggage: What We Mean When We Say “Missional” blog post by Bishop Todd Hunter

What We Mean When We Say “Missional Leadership”? blog post by Ben Sternke

The virtual Intersection Conference, Sept. 16-17, “For the Sake of Others: An Anglican Imagination for Missional Leadership.”


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