“Come Follow Me”: An Intro to Missional Leadership

with Bishop Todd Hunter

This episode of the Intersection Podcast kicks off our 2020 theme of Missional Leadership! For our purposes, we define Missional Leadership as embodying the work of a missionary in your context. Host Erik Willits talks to Bishop Todd Hunter about why sentness is core to Christian spirituality and leadership, and how the Church can participate in Christ’s leadership in alignment with the Spirit. 

On the first half of the podcast, Bishop Todd shares:

  • How missional leadership brings alignment with the Spirit’s movement 
  • The “sentness” core to Christian spirituality and to pastoral leadership
  • Who is called to missional leadership (Hint: It’s not just extroverts or those with the gift of evangelism) 
  • What exactly “Come follow me” meant in Jesus’ context
  • How the Church can participate in Christ’s leadership today

On the second half of the podcast, Bishop Todd answers 5 common questions about missional leadership, including:

  • Won’t an emphasis on mission cause our church to be anxiously focused on growth? 
  • What should I do when most of my church does not think they have any gifts related to mission? 
  • What are some small, concrete steps a pastor can take to get moving in missional ways?  
The call is to leverage your most honest you, with your gifts, background and personality in the cause of Christ…and to lead others to do the same.—Bishop Todd Hunter

Resources Mentioned
Bishop Todd’s post explaining Missional Leadership / 6 Core Competencies
Essential sending passages: Matthew 10, Luke 9 and 10
Intersection Conference May 14-15, 2020, in Nashville, TN


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