What does it look like when a church is led by a woman within a denomination that does not ordain or title women as “pastors”? How does a congregation become known for shared leadership between men and women within a denominational context like that? Can a focus on contemplation and justice be held together, or is it inevitable that any given congregation will drift toward only one?


Place and Space:

  • Life on the Vine Church in Long Grove, IL; planted in 2001
  • Denominational affiliation: Christian & Missionary Alliance
  • Suburban community, 135-150 people
  • Predominately white, ~10% Asian American
  • Worship space: seating in the round w/ Table in the center

Theological Themes:

  • Challenges of cultivating community within suburban sprawl
  • Mutual submission and co-pastoring
  • Spirit-led mission
  • Empowering women in leadership
  • Liturgical worship; Robert Webber
  • Contemplation

Tension and Disorientation:

  • Pastoring a dispersed community
  • Being a prophetic presence within the denomination

Hope and New Life:

  • Learning to practice lament at the intersection of contemplation and justice
  • Becoming a welcoming culture for women


Note from Host Seth Richardson:

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