What happened to the “emergent church” movement? As we descend into the particulars with Jonny, we get a glimpse into the past and future of one of those churches. Jonny describes what it was like to deconstruct some of the toxic leadership structures at the base of that movement as well as navigate personal challenges that come along the way. We also explore what it’s like to inhabit all this within the socio-political complexities of a place like Salt Lake City.  

Place and Space:

  • Salt Lake City, UT (west side)
  • Planted in 2010, 300-400 attendance
  • Tradition: originally associated with Acts 29 network
  • Demographics: Young, professionals; predominately white
  • Worship space: renovated warehouse 

Theological Themes:

  • Emerging church movement and missional church
  • Post-evangelicalism and deconstruction
  • Complementarianism and patriarchy 
  • Trinitarian theology, “eternal functional subordination,” and hierarchical leadership 
  • Book: Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing the World, by Alan Roxburgh
  • Book: Faithful Presence, by David Fitch

Tension and Disorientation:

  • Experiencing theological unraveling while leading 
  • Unexpected transitions after founding pastor leaves

Hope and New Life:

  • New congregational imagination for leadership grounded in mutuality and co-pastoring
  • Launching of new learning communities for dreaming how God is leading into mission


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