In today’s episode, we dive with Kimberly Deckel (former Rector of All Souls Phoenix) into an under-addressed but crucial question: How do you know when it’s time to end a church plant and how do you end well? We’ll also hear Kimberly reflect on how the relationship among ethnic identity, gender, and denominational tradition shapes her posture as a pastor.


Place and Space:

  • Anglican tradition

  • Phoenix and Austin

  • Church plant

Theological Themes:

  • Closing a church plant

  • Healthy transitions

  • De-colonizing liturgy

  • Disruptive leadership

I don’t sound like or look like or move like all of the white men, so how can I allow myself to be who God created me in his image to be without comparing?

Tension and Disorientation

  • Grieving closing a church but also grieving how the place you learned to love is not the place where you can step fully into the vision for ministry God has given.

Hope and New Life

  • Recognizing the good of taking a risk by following the Spirit while not being certain if it will work out like you think.

  • Being able to step into a new season in a place of wholeness, rather than pain and confusion

Note from Host Seth Richardson:

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