On Season 2 Episode 3, “Faithful Presence as a Missional Ecclesiology,” we talk with the Rev. David Fitch, a Telos Collective Strategic Advisor and speaker at our 2019 Intersection Conference. David explores the concept of the three tables described in his book, Faithful Presence, and how they inform a robust missional ecclesiology.

The church is more than a gathering on Sunday; it’s an integral way of living across all three circles of our lives.

In the first part of the podcast, our host, the Rev. Erik Willits, asks David and Bishop Todd Hunter where they see the “faithful presence” of Christ coming alive in the church, and whether we need to redefine our idea of “mission” as a result.

On the second part of the podcast, David weighs in on the reasons we lost our love for the church gathered—and what we often mistake to be the problem. He also addresses why is church so important, and what happens at the table that’s significant for everyday life.

We’re calling people to the reconciliation of all things in Christ. I don’t feel that is possible other than the gathering around the table.

The last portion of the podcast focuses on mission. David and Bishop Todd discuss obedience and submission as the key to cooperative friendship with God. Since God works through his presence, not violence or coercion, how we can do the same? Finally, David and Bishop Todd share how their churches help people embody the incarnate presence of Christ at the table.

Resources Mentioned:

Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines That Shape the Church for Mission by David Fitch

Seven Practices for the Church on Mission by David Fitch

David Fitch teaches at Northern Seminary, now offering a new Anglican Studies program featuring Bishop Todd Hunter.

2019 Intersection Conference is now open for registration.

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