The Telos Collective trains its Anglican leaders in three key ways.

Intersection Conference

Each year, the men and women of the Telos Collective will come together at the annual Intersection Conference—an intensive “missional greenhouse” for leaders. They will receive specialized training, share insights and develop cutting-edge strategies for contextualizing and sharing the gospel in North America.

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Learning Communities

Birthed at the Intersection Conference, Learning Communities are local and regional groups that allow leaders to continue the missional conversation, as well as practice missional principles in their own spheres of influence.

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Coaching / Mentoring

You might need a coach if ….

  • Cultural engagement is brand-new to you, and you need a guide and conversation partner.
  • You’ve been trained to manage programs and get results, but you need help developing the awareness and capacity for missional leadership.
  • You lead a church that fears or dislikes culture, and you need leadership help to reshape those attitudes.
  • You wonder about incarnating the liturgy in your context.

We are partnering with Gravity Leadership to provide three coaching formats for participants in the Telos Collective.

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