What Are Learning Communities?

Learning Communities draw together a group of 5 to 10 people, Anglican or non-Anglican, to listen to one another and journey together toward engaging culture with the gospel. Learning Communities can meet in homes, coffee shops, or just about anywhere. Members might read a missional book, do peer-based coaching or simply meet to talk and ask questions.

What Does a Learning Community Look Like?

In the Telos Collective, each Learning Community looks different—so feel free to be creative in your context!

Some examples of Learning Communities formed this year:

  • An online Learning Community of songwriters focused on worship
  • A church-based Learning Community exploring joy
  • A Learning Community based around a missional book—with a special appearance by the author

Interested in starting a Learning Community in your context or around a common theme/domain with others that you know?  Download our Learning Community Guide below, and email Ryan to start the process!

Download the Learning Community Guide

We invite you to start a Learning Community in your city or context on the topic of Culture. We’ve created a simple 8-week curriculum based on the content of the 2018 Intersection Conference. The curriculum includes a how-to guide, discussion questions and extra resources.