On this episode, we hear from the Rev. Canon Dr. Scot McKnight, New Testament scholar, theologian and author, about the Spirit’s work in Christians’ lives throughout history. Scot describes Jesus’ paradigmatic relationship with the Holy Spirit and how it informs our understanding of the Spirit-filled life, and gives practical suggestions for opening ourselves to the Spirit’s empowering presence already at work in us.

On the first half of the podcast, Bishop Todd Hunter, host Erik Willits, and Scot McKnight discuss:

  • The overlap between the Holy Spirit and the human spirit
  • The Holy Spirit’s presence in the Old Testament
  • Jesus’ relationship to the Holy Spirit
  • Why we need a bigger pneumatology
If we are not open to the Spirit and invoking the Spirit of God upon us as we minister, we are doing fleshly things instead of the work of Christ in the world.

On the second half of the podcast, the conversation turns to:

  • Common misconceptions about the Holy Spirit
  • How Scot’s view on the Holy Spirit changed when he became Anglican
  • Experiencing the Holy Spirit in an Anglican setting
  • The Holy Spirit’s role in community formation
  • Advice for people looking to open themselves to the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is utterly central to the purposes of God, not a type or brand of Christianity.

Resources Mentioned

Open to the Spirit by Scot McKnight

It Takes a Church to Baptize by Scot McKnight

A Church Called Tov by Scot McKnight

The First Testament by Jon Goldinday

Systematic Theology: The Doctrine of God, Volume 1 by Katherine Sonderegger 

Systematic Theology, Volume 2: The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity: Processions and Persons by Katherine Sonderegger 


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