Please join us in offering special prayers for Fr. Nelson Kocheski of Liturgical Folk, who had major complications after a heart procedure and remains in the hospital.

On Season 2 Episode 6, “Lent, Liturgical Folk, and the Renewal of Sacred Music,” we talk with Ryan Flanigan of Liturgical Folk, a musical collaboration between him and retired priest Nelson Koscheski, about their newly released record, Lent. Ryan shares how Liturgical Folk is using historic language and modern folk sounds to help the church reimagine hymnody.

This Lenten season, don’t miss the opportunity to dive into Lent, featuring Ryan and special guests like Liz Vice and Lauren Goans. Listen, buy, and share the songs here.

In the first part of the podcast, our host Erik Willits asks Ryan about Liturgical Folk’s journey, which began with a parishioner’s emailed poem. Ryan describes his partnership with Fr. Nelson, as well as each of Liturgical Folk’s subsequent four albums. He talks about how their style and approach have evolved, stretching from hymnody to prayer settings and new choruses, and shares what’s different about their newest release, Lent.

I’m excited for new Anglicans to hear music and hymnody modeled for such a time as this.

On the second part of the podcast, Ryan ponders worship in the modern church, and the people penning the songs on the lips of millions of Christians around the world. He also gives us a glimpse into the narrative arc of the liturgy mirrored in Liturgical Folk’s music.

Imagine a priest of nearly 50 years, who has internalized these prayers for so long, writing amazing imagery in response.

The last portion of the podcast includes Ryan’s thoughts on the importance of the Church offering the world something beautiful, our role in creating music, and an ongoing call for us to engage hymnody in new but not-so-new ways.

Resources Mentioned:

Liturgical Folk albums (all available here):

  • Vol I: Table Settings
  • Vol II: Edenland
  • Vol III:Crumbs
  • Vol IV:Lent
  • Lenten Devotional E-Book, by Ryan Flanigan, a companion to the Lent album
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  • Are you a musician and want to get connected with other Anglican musicians and songwriters? Email Ryan Boettcher.


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