Missional Ecclesiology and Mission in the Old Testament

with Jason Gile

In our final conversation on missional ecclesiology, Bishop Todd Hunter and host Erik Willits talk to Dr. Jason Gile, Affiliate Old Testament Professor at Northern Seminary, about the often-overlooked contribution the Old Testament makes to missional ecclesiology—and its implications for the Church today.

On the podcast, Jason shares why people focus on the New Testament when it comes to mission and missional ecclesiology. Is mission there in the Old Testament, and if it is, why aren’t we seeing it? What does an Old Testament definition of mission mean for us today?

Jason also addresses these questions:

  • Why does missional ecclesiology seem to be a New Testament term?
  • What did mission mean in the Old Testament?
  • Were the people of Israel a missional people in their context?
  • What does blessing have to do with mission?
  • How does the story of Israel relate to the story of Jesus?


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