Our mission is to teach, train and coach leaders to engage culture from a place of peace with God, ourselves, and the world.

…At peace with God through the conversion of our lives so that we joyfully align with his kingdom-fulfilled telos, finding meaning for our lives as participants in the Divine Narrative.

…At peace with ourselves, inwardly and in community with others through the healing, deliverance and wholeness that comes through Spirit-filled, Spirit-animated spiritual transformation. We have access to this transformation as people who give themselves to apprenticeship to Jesus, to being his constant students in kingdom living.

…At peace with the world through the knowledge that humanity remains God’s project, that we are always safe in his kingdom. God is always already present to the people and events of our lives. This opens before the Church a kingdom-path that avoids both disengagement with modern culture, and anxious, controlling impulses.

We do all our training and coaching through the framework of our 6 Values, chosen by our Founder and President, Bishop Todd Hunter, as essential areas of competency for a well-formed leader.

Learn more about our 6 Values.