Under the umbrella of our 2020 theme of Missional Leadership, the Telos Collective is hosting a blog and podcast series called “Missional Leadership in a Time of Uncertainty.” Over the next few months, this series will apply Missional Leadership to the specific challenges of leading a church, community or family through a pandemic.

In this second podcast episode of the series, our host Erik Willits talks to the Rev. Peter Coelho of Church of the Cross in Austin, TX, and the Rev. Ryan Jones of Eucharist Church in San Francisco, CA, about how they are navigating life as missional leaders in these uncertain times. Peter and Ryan share how they are facing the challenges of moving their worship services online, their moments of encourage

ment amidst the difficulty, and the short-term (and perhaps long-term) effects of the pandemic on their congregations.

On the first part of the podcast, Peter and Ryan discuss:

  • How they are handling the disruption of the pandemic
  • What it’s like not worshiping together physically
  • How to stay tethered to embodied worship
  • Moments of encouragement during this time of difficulty
I’m tired of preaching to an empty room.

On the second half of the podcast, the conversation turns to:

  • What the Church’s monastic heritage offers us during this time
  • Ongoing pastoral challenges of the Coronavirus
  • Short- and potentially long-term effects on local churches
  • Ways to lean into lament
People are feeling more acutely a sense of dependence on God.

Resources Mentioned

Church of the Cross Austin

Eucharist Church San Francisco

Domestic Monastery by Ronald Rolheiser

Seeking God by Ester de Waal

Church of the Cross Livestream

W. David O. Taylor’s Youtube Channel

Bishop Tom Wright on our need to lament:

Article: “Christianity Offers No Answers About the Coronavirus. It’s Not Supposed To” by Tom Wright

Article: “N. T. Wright: We Mourned Our Alleluias on Easter” by Daniel Harrell

Soul Care—Peace for Caregivers in Troubled Times with Bishop Todd Hunter every Wednesday at 2pm CST

The Intersection Conference is rescheduled for Oct 21-22.


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