For this “Countdown to the Intersection Conference” mini-series, we’re interviewing our speakers to build anticipation for all the goodness coming your way Sept 16-17. Today, our host Erik Willits and Bishop Todd Hunter interview Dr. David Fitch of Northern Seminary about how leaders can embody presence, not power, in post-Christendom—and what could happen when we stop trying to win.

The first half of the podcast includes:

  • Who David thinks of when he hears the words “missional leader”
  • How missional leadership and faithful presence interact
  • What we’re facing as leaders in post-Christendom
  • What it looks like to give up power

On the second half of the podcast, the conversation turns to:

  • Why presence is not passive
  • What missional leaders can learn from Jesus’ subversion of power dynamics
  • How we can be present to the brokenness around us in 2020
  • What 3 things will lead the church into the future
Presence is not passive; it’s a kind of power.

Resources Mentioned

Faithful Presence

The Church of Us Vs. Them

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