On today’s episode, we welcome the Rev. Jon Ziegler of Resurrection L.A. to talk about the presence of the Holy Spirit across denominational lines. Jon discusses his surprising journey from the Charismatic Assemblies of God to Anglicanism, and the common thread of the Holy Spirit running through both.

On the first half of the podcast, Jon and our host Erik Willits discuss:

  • Why going from a Charismatic tradition to Anglicanism wasn’t a huge jump
  • Why Pentecostals have a sacramental worldview, even if they don’t know it
  • What people don’t realize about the early church in the Book of Acts
  • Understanding the embodied nature of the Spirit

We know the character and nature of the Spirit because we know Christ.

On the second half of the podcast, the conversation turns to:

  • Where Jon most often notices the Spirit’s presence in worship
  • How the Spirit facilitates diverse community
  • Ways the Spirit empowers us for mission
  • How to avoid making the Spirit an abstraction

My hope is that the Holy Spirit is using the liturgy to form us into the life-giving image of Christ.

Resources Mentioned:

The Master Plan of Discipleship by Robert E. Coleman

Liturgical Theology by Simon Chan

Called and Committed by David Watson

Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail by Robert Webber

Evangelical Is Not Enough by Thomas Howard

Beyond Smells and Bells by Mark Galli


Don’t miss the special bonus episode where Jon tells his whole story! 

In this companion episode, A Holy Spirit Journey, the Rev. Jon Ziegler dives deeper into his journey from the Charismatic world into the Anglican tradition, unpacking how he grew and evolved in his experience and understanding of the Spirit. Listen now. 
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