In response to S2E5 – “Lesslie Newbigin’s Missionary Ecclesiology with Michael Goheen,” the Rev. Seth Richardson and the Rev. Shawn McCain reflect on their mutual appreciation for Lesslie Newbigin and his influence on the life and work of the Western Church.

In the original episode, Goheen explored his expertise on the life and work of Lesslie Newbigin, specifically focusing on his development of a missional ecclesiology for the West.

In this episode, Seth and Shawn shared the first time each of them heard of Newbigin, the first Newbigin book they ever read, and how it shifted their fundamental thoughts and attitudes toward mission and the Church.

Next, they discussed how syncretism has formed a new religion and how we must respond when the essential nature of the Church has been compromised.

We incorporate so much into the Christian faith that we’ve lost sight of what isn’t part of the Christian faith.

From there, Shawn and Seth talked about how Newbigin’s model helps us with contextualization, and how to navigate the church’s history of enforcing power over others.

The people of God, who are the church, are the best hermeneutic of the gospel.

Shawn and Seth concluded by reflecting on the nature of mission, and how God’s people do the work of contextualization in obedience to the Spirit.

Misssion is not something that we possess; it possesses us.


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