On S3E1 of the Intersection Podcast, Bishop Todd Hunter and host Erik Willits reflect on the best moments and conversations from 2019, and what’s next at the Telos Collective.

After a summer hiatus, the Intersection Podcast is back! On Season 3, we transition from our 2019 theme, “Missional Ecclesiology,” to our 2020 theme, “Missional Leadership.”

To kick things off, Bishop Todd and Erik discuss:

  • Why Bishop Todd created the Telos Collective and how he chose the 6 Core Competencies.
  • Bishop Todd’s thoughts about missional leadership, its importance in our work, and the ways we will talk about it in the months to come—especially at the 2020 Intersection Conference.
  • A few key voices you can look forward to hearing on Season 3.
  • Other ways you can plug in to the work of the Telos Collective.

I hope the Telos Collective becomes a great, gravitational pull toward orienting ourselves to Jesus and what he’s up to in and through the Church. - Bishop Todd Hunter

Resources Mentioned:

  • Missa Est: A Missional Liturgical Ecclesiology by Gene Schlesinger
  • “Moving Toward Multiethnicity” Blog Series, a partnership between the Telos Collective and the Anglican Multiethnic Network, coming this Fall
  • The 2020 Intersection Conference (details coming soon!)

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