Welcome to Season 2 of the Intersection Podcast! We have a new twice-monthly rhythm. The first podcast of the month will feature an interview with a high-level thinker, and the second podcast of the month will feature on-the-ground practitioners engaging with the concepts from the first podcast. We hope you enjoy it!

On Episode 1, “Starting the Missional Ecclesiology Conversation,” we begin our year-long preparation for the 2019 Intersection Conference theme of Missional Ecclesiology. Bishop Todd Hunter and our new host, the Rev. Erik Willits, lay a strong foundation for where the conversation will go from here.

Bishop Todd begins by explaining the term “missional ecclesiology” and how it originated. For Telos Collective purposes, “ecclesiology” is the noun and “missional” is the modifier. Or, “ecclesiology” is the thing and “missional” suggests the way this thing might behave. Bishop Todd also explains the oft-perceived tension between the two and why it’s a false dichotomy.

The middle of the podcast highlights why ecclesiology is an important part of our conversation—and what it loses by excluding mission. Bishop Todd explores missional ecclesiology that flows from the “otherliness” of our Trinitarian God, and what he’s discovering through his trek deep into the heart of missional ecclesiology—plus its implications for church planting.

Some people say mission is the essence of the church; others say essence of being is the most important part of the church. Which comes first?

The last portion of the podcast tackles Cranmer’s wisdom for modern-day mission and the key sending passages in scripture that undergird a missional ecclesiology. We finish up by talking about what conversational shifts are on the horizon, Bishop Todd’s favorite resources on missional ecclesiology, and pastoral advice for our Anglican Tribe.

Resources Mentioned:

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