The Church in Departure: A Conversation on Missional Liturgical Ecclesiology

with Eugene Schlesinger

On S3E3 of the Intersection Podcast, Bishop Todd Hunter and host Erik Willits interview Dr. Eugene Schlesinger, author of Missa Est! A Missional Liturgical Ecclesiology, about the relationship between liturgy and mission in the Church’s life. Eugene is a lecturer at Santa Clara University with a specialty in 20th-century Catholic thought, focusing on liturgical and sacramental theology and their impact on the Christian Church.

On the first part of the podcast, Bishop Todd and Eugene discuss:

  • Eugene’s unique contribution to today’s missional conversation
  • What he seeks to retrieve from mid-20thcentury Catholicism
  • How we can put mission and ecclesiology together—without subordinating one to the other
  • What he’s unapologetically borrowed from Pope Francis

On the second part of the podcast, Eugene shares:

  • How he hopes Missa Est! impacts the Church’s attitudes and practices
  • How his work fits with Lesslie Newbigin’s paradigm
  • His imaginative approach to participation
  • The necessity of recovering a missional dynamism to the church’s existence
“There’s no such thing as a church that isn’t missional.”—Dr. Eugene Schlesinger

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