In this third episode of the “Missional Leadership in a Time of Uncertainty” series, Bishop Todd Hunter and host Erik Willits talk to spiritual director Tamara Hill Murphy about the gift of spiritual direction in liminal moments. Tamara shares why it’s important for leaders to receive spiritual direction in these uncertain times, some of the false beliefs the pandemic exposes about ourselves and God, and questions to help leaders process what they’re experiencing.

On the first half of the podcast, Bishop Todd and Tamara discuss:

  • Why leaders and caregivers are sometimes prone to avoiding spiritual direction
  • Why seeking spiritual direction needs to be proactive, not just reactive
  • Bishop Todd’s favorite things about the experience of spiritual direction
  • The reasons it’s especially important for clergy to be receiving spiritual direction right now

During a pandemic, we are more tempted than ever to ignore God’s invitation of rest.

On the second half of the podcast, the conversation turns to:

  • Why, despite sheltering at home, clergy are busier and more overwhelmed than ever
  • The false beliefs being exposed by the pandemic
  • Questions to help leaders process pandemic realities
  • How we can be open to the work of the Holy Spirit in spiritual direction

Lord Jesus Christ, whatever you intended for your church in the sending of the Holy Spirit, I desire it.

Resources Mentioned

The Accidental Anglican by Bishop Todd Hunter

Soul Care—Peace for Caregivers in Troubled Times with Bishop Todd Hunter

Leadership Transformations

Selah Program for Spiritual Direction

To find a spiritual director:

The scripture Bishop Todd referenced: John 5:1-18

The scripture Tamara referenced: Hebrews 4

Tamara’s blog A Sacramental Life

Why Zoom video chats are so exhausting

W. David O. Taylor’s March 22 sermon on Psalm 23

The new melody to Psalm 23 by W. David O. Taylor:

Books on spiritual direction:


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