In the midst of Lent and Black History Month, we sit down with the Rev. Teesha Hadra to explore how the Holy Spirit infuses us with a Pentecost imagination to catalyze friendships and begin the work of dismantling the power of racism in our world. Teesha talks about lament, how it cultivates empathy, and how we can be intentional about approaching authentic, transformative relationships with people of different races and ethnicities.

On the first half of the podcast, Teesha and host the Rev. Erik Willits discuss:

  • How Teesha and an older White colleague wrote a book on race relations
  • How the Holy Spirit leads us into cries for justice
  • The power of friendship to catalyze people to action
  • How we can recapture a Pentecost imagination as we dive into the fight against racism
The beauty of our Christian faith is having the spiritual and theological tools to give language to our deepest longings and losses.

On the second half of the podcast, the conversation turns to:

  • Why lament points to hope, not hopelessness
  • The opportunity to cultivate empathy during the Lenten season
  • How to approach inter-racial relationships intentionally but organically
  • How the Holy Spirit invigorates our public witness in the world
Lament is a path to cultivating real and authentic empathy for one another.

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